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Hone Powder 100 Grit
Hone Powder 100 Grit

Hone Powder 100 Grit

Professonal Surface Restoration Products Hone Powder 100 Grit

Hone can Hone the surface of Limestone, Marble or travertine.

This grit will remove Scratching and if 60grit has been used prior then this grit will start closing the surface tension of the stone back down.

It is also good with concrete surfaces.

We always advise a test area and when using 100 Grit we advise that you will also need other grits up to Hone320 for a matt finish or higher for a slight sheen Hone400/500 and for a polish complete with KP85 polishing powder.

ALL you will need is a stiff to medium brush or black pad and water.

Sizes 1kg & 5kg

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