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Rug Smack

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Are you tired of rugs not coming clean and bright?

Introducing a never seen before product, TMF has a powdered rug cleaner that smacks rugs clean, in plant or top down.

This unique and versatile product with oxygen bleach cleans brighter, is safe, smells great and cleans like crazy.

With a neutral pH range, Rug Smack is safe on all natural rugs and synthetic rugs.

It contains special soil suspending agents for easy soil removal.

Rug Smack is buffered to maintain pH for optimum cleaning even at low dilutions, plus it rinses out easily and completely.

Rug Smack is one of a kind.

So, instead of going crazy over rugs, that won't clean properly, just spray Rug Smack on the rug and let it do its magic.

PH 7-8 @ RTU


In home top down pre spray use 4oz per 3.78L pump sprayer use hot tap water agitate rinse and groom.

Portables 1oz per 3.78L of hot water for low to med soiling - 2oz per 3.78L of hot water for heavy soiling.

Truckmount 16oz per 19L tank metered 2-3GPH set heat at 180°F or less.

In Plant Cleaning ready to use solution 2oz per 3.78L of warm water.

Concentrated stock solution mix 2lb in 19L of warm water mix until dissolved.

RTU from Concentrated Stock Solution mix 1 part of concentrated stock solution with 20 parts water (20-1)

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