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Acid Substitute HD Cleaner
Acid Substitute HD Cleaner

Acid Substitute HD Cleaner

Incl. VAT £43.14
Excl. VAT £35.95

This Industrial strength water-based cleaner is as strong as an acid-based cleaner.

Suitable for Acid-Sensitive Materials and Polished Surfaces 

Ideal for Removing Grout Haze, Cement, Soap Scum & Mineral Deposits

Ready-to-use NO-VOC cleaner as strong as an acid without the harmful effects

Miracle Heavy-Duty Cleaner is a revolutionary patent-pending water-based industrial cleaner designed to remove grout haze, built-up grease, dirt and stains from all ceramic, porcelain, grout, glass and natural stone.

Miracle Heavy-Duty Cleaner will not damage or remove the finish or polish on acid sensitive surfaces, including marble.

Miracle Heavy-Duty Cleaner addresses dirt and grime at the molecular layer penetrating deep underneath the staining agent.

It is a non-corrosive water based cleaner with a mild pH.

It leaves behind a monomolecular layer bonded to the surface that makes the surface more resistant to future dirt and stain build-up.

Unlike acid cleaners, it will not harm your skin (even though one should always wear protective gloves and eye protection as an extra safety precaution whenever cleaning any surface).

This product is stable in both hot and cold climates.

Coverage: 43.7 - 87.5 square feet (4.07 - 8.12 square metres) per 946ml.

Size available 946ml and 3.78L

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Incl. VAT £43.14
Excl. VAT £35.95