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Wood Floor Restoration

Wood Floor Restoration
We recently had the pleasure of hosting Rob Prest's first wood floor restoration course.
Despite it being his first course, Rob demonstrated remarkable knowledge and expertise throughout the training, providing participants with an exceptional learning experience. Rob's thorough explanations and demonstrations made it easy for attendees to grasp the intricacies of wood floor restoration. He skillfully guided them in identifying different types of wood floors and existing finishes, helping them develop a keen eye for assessing floor conditions.
Moreover, Rob emphasized effective communication with clients, empowering participants to confidently engage with their future customers.
One of the course's standout features was the comprehensive coverage of abrasive materials, sanding machines, and equipment. Rob's clear explanations ensured that participants understood the appropriate usage of various abrasives to achieve optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By providing practical demonstrations and facilitating discussions on setting up and operating sanding machines, Rob further enhanced the participants' understanding and skills in this critical aspect of wood floor restoration.
The course also delved into the topic of finishes, including oils, lacquers/varnishes, and water-based options. Rob shared valuable insights on their characteristics, application techniques, and the benefits they offer.
This knowledge formed a solid foundation for participants to effectively enhance and protect wood floors, making them well-rounded professionals in the field.
Overall, Rob's inaugural wood floor restoration course received rave reviews from the participants. His teaching style, expertise, and the practical nature of the training ensured that everyone left feeling well-equipped and confident in their abilities.
Rob's debut course was undoubtedly a valuable investment for those looking to excel in the field of wood floor restoration.
We extend a big thank you to Rob Prest of Wood Floor Angels Ltd for delivering such a successful wood floor restoration course. His expertise and passion left participants inspired and eager to apply their newfound knowledge and skills in their professional endeavors.
If you would like to book any of Rob's future courses please contact Rob on 07729345458 for dates and locations.

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